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90s clothes. Basketball Venice
Picture from the movie “white men can’t jump”

The 90s make us all nostalgic. Some were already adults and this era may remind them of the birth of their first child or the beginnings of their business. Others, like me, grew up and built themselves during this decade. But there are also those who did not experience it, and for whom these years are full of mysteries and glamour, embellished with wild stories and anecdotes told by their older siblings or cool uncles and aunts.

The 90s were the last decade before the new millennium. The last years of carefree living, where the future was still seen as something cool. It would be incorrect to say that these years were free of problems, but I think you understand what I mean. I'm talking about a general mindset inherited from the 80s and that matured during the 90s. These years saw the emergence of the internet and the rise of mobile phones, but personal computers were still rare, and people still used landlines. We had cassettes but also CDs, in short, technology was starting to make a place for itself, but it was still a tool and not a way of life.

Seriously! we all imagined having flying cars by the year 2010, when I tell you that recklessness reigned... Without smartphones or tablets, we were mostly outside, and our minds were extra creative in finding ways to occupy ourselves for the better or for the worse.

Cassettes des années 90
Music Tapes

Pop culture was at its peak, MTV for example, born in the 80s, exploded during the 90s, propelling some already well-known artists to the rank of global stars and imposing new standards. Cinema gave us Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, and even The Matrix... In terms of fashion, while the clothing style was not always the most elegant (let's admit it), it was however in the image of that decade: quirky and comfortable. We wore loose-fitting clothing, sports shoes, faded jeans, and pastel-colored t-shirts adorned with tribal prints and geometric patterns.

What makes this decade so unique is that it was a period of transition between two eras. The clever mix of two worlds forming an idyllic and euphoric cocktail. For those who experienced the transition to the year 2000, it is clear that this date marked a turning point after which everything became very different. The 90s were a bit of "the moment before it starts", you know, when you prepare with friends before a party, a sunrise before the day, a first date... These moments are often our best. Because if a romantic relationship can deteriorate over time, if a party can ultimately be disappointing, these preceding moments are full of promises and hope.

At the opposite, The 10 years following the new millennium were the end of a story, the final point of a life without screens. Gradually, technology (while still very useful) went from exciting, mysterious, and full of promises to omnipresent and even, in a certain way, dangerous.

The author in the 90s

It’s not about being stuck in the past or against progress. We simply hope to preserve some of the lightness and mindset of this particular era. We want to promote physical encounters and the transmission of stories, a world where technology would remain a wonderful tool and not a way of life.


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